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Drum Lessons

Private drum lessons are one of the fastest ways to learn drums, and develop a talent and love for rhythm and music.

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How do I learn to play the drums?

Beginner Drum Lessons

Starting your child in drums? Learn the basics with a fun beginner drum course to develop interest.

Adult Drum Lessons

An accelerated drum course to help you learn the fundamentals of drums to play your favourite songs.


Our Courses

Here are our most popular drum courses at Sunshine Musico

$80 / HOUR

Private Drum Lessons

Who are private drum lessons best for?

Private drum lessons are one of the fastest ways to learn drums. Recommended for all ages, from kids to adults. The earlier you start private lessons, the faster you will be able to play any music you want to play on the drums. Drum students usually begin at the early age of 4 and take lessons for 5-10 years with drum teachers.

Less time wasted

Read music faster

Dedicated teacher

Make progress faster

$30 / HOUR

Group Drum Lessons

Who are group drum classes best for?

Group drum classes are one of the easiest ways for kids to start learning drums. Children usually have a harder time sitting still and focusing. The group environment helps young children learn drums together in a fun way.

Group drum students usually transition to private drum lessons once the child is able to focus attention on playing the drums.

Best for kids

Playing right away

More money saved

Inspire creativity